The 3 Most Successful Rappers In The World Today

Rap is one kind of music that revolutionizes the industry of music. It created a lot of opportunities, and it is the best music genre that sends out messages to the public in a very efficient way. Although, rap is not an easy music that everyone can just simply get a mic and start rapping. It will take great skill to be successful in this kind of music genre. Let’s check out the most successful rappers in the world today and let’s see how they did it.


eminem-02-mikaHe is still on top of the list. I bet all of you will agree that he plays a significant role in popularizing the genre of rap. Yes, there may have been previous rappers who started it all, but there is no doubt that Eminem is the game changer making it popular to the public. He is considered the greatest rapper of all time. The way he delivers is something not anyone can do. His songs are based on what he sees and what he experienced.


2pacHe is best in relaying messages through his rap songs that conveyallsorts of issues of different people. He is the best example to show the world that gangsters are not just all about violence and gangs. No matter who you are, you can be born with sheer talent like Tupac.


Notorious B.I.G

8111820251_95549a0641_bHe is another one of the greatest rappers of all time. If you want to experience the magical treat when listening to the rap songs, there is no better way to experience it than listening to Notorious B.I.G. He played a prominent role in popularizing the rap genre in the music industry as well.

Rap is a music genre that experienced doubt before it became a success. The rappers deserve an utmost respect because they are not just talented but they also send out great messages to the people.

The Top 4 Music Genres that People Love to Listen

Music comes in a lot of styles, and there are a lot of genres that we like. It depends on our taste, but there are a lot of types that we can choose from. Let’s see the top music genres that people are after these days. Check out if your favorite music genres are on the list and see for yourself the types of music others listen to.

Rock music genre is still at the number one spot. There are still a lot of forms that rock music can provide. However, there is no doubt that the rock genre’s popularity is still at its best. There are still more people attached to it since they enjoy the kind of music it provides.

As the words Indie says, the primary thought of this genre is the independent nature of the music. The indie music genre is more focused with the artists than the labels that will produce their music. It is beneficial to the artists. Aside from that, it is the type of music whereas you can see more live performances rather than those that are all over the radio and different music apps.

Others may not agree with this genre, but it is on the top three. It’s likethe badass kind of music that can make you bang your head and jive with distorted sounds. The good thing about the metal kind of music is that there will never be a dull moment all throughout the song.

Who doesn’t listen to pop? I bet we all listen to is as the name says, it comes from the popular kind of music. If you are a fan of the music rhythms and the cool beats that can make you swing and nod through the song, then pop genre is for you. With this kind of music, the technique is critical as pop singers dwell on it a lot.

If your kind of music is not on the top, don’t lose hope. Who knows, maybe next time your music preference will be the next genre to dominate the music industry.

The 4 Best Selling Artists in the World for 2016

All of us have our favorite music and artists. The love for music is innate to people. Whoever we are, we can’t deny the fact that there are songs which are part of our lives. There will always be a song that all of us adore. Behind the songs are the artists who did their best to give every song justice. Let’s check out the best-selling artists for 2016.


Who doesn’t know the hottest superstar these days? It’s none other than Beyoncé. She started out with Destiny’s Child and made her destiny afterward. There are a lot of songs that this babe can get you hooked aside from the fact that she is scorching hot with every song she made.

Elton John

Yes, he is old, but his music is a legend in the music industry. Despite his age, his songs are still one of the best we can hear. How can anyone of us forget the musician who made The Lion King alive? The movie is a part of every child’s life, and so is he.


He is one of the prime rappers in the world today, and there is no doubt that his albums are selling like hotcakes all over the globe. His music is somehow controversial, but there is no denying it is one of the best in the industry.

Mariah Carey

She is an all-time favorite in the music industry. No doubt that she is one of the best-selling artists up to this date due to her versatility when it comes to music. You will fall in love with her love songs, but she can also put you up on your feet with her stint of RnB.

There are more successful artists for this year, but these four are the names to beat if you want to earn the top spot. It’s a hard battle after all.